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Born in Milan in a cold night of the winter of 2006 from the gathering of different musical experiences, the band has hanged on over many played hours among jam, live and studio sessions.
Beatrix Boulevard is Mauro Gilardi, Christian Gorla and Daniele Granella.


Beatrix Boulevard in collaboration with Valter Marchesoni entered into the studio in October 2011 to proceed with the acquisitions of the full length album made of 12 tracks.
The recording and mixing is complete in January 2013 to proceed with the mastering stage built by Ted Jensen in March 2013 at the Sterling Sound Studios in New York.
The journey is the main theme of Paradigma.


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The different influences come together giving rise to a solid sound with straight melodies and developments which incorporates the seeds of the first roots returning a vitamin-enriched sound strongly influenced by many rock deep sessions.

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In July 2007 the band recorded the demo "123", in which 3 original songs and 1 cover rearranged give birth to the first official work of Beatrix Boulevard.
In 2008 BB collected the consent of the public with several live performance in the Milan clubs.
BB are chosen by the Publisher Electronic Arts to open a special session dedicated to RockBand videogame.
From that experience GAMESTOP decided to promote the emerging band through an innovative promotional campaign in the stores.
The EP UNCUT, produced by the group in April 2009, reached the general public with the release of more than 20,000 copies.
The disc received several appreciations that stimulate the band to tackle on the exploration of new musical paths that will lead after 4 years in a new drive: PARADIGMA


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